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My Software & Hardware
Linux logo

Those who know me will be aware that I use Linux as my primary operating system, I also experiment with FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Please note the Penguin logo leads to just one of many, many Linux sites ... it simply seemed most appropriate.

These pages were created using Linux as my desktop OS, specifically using Bluefish as the HTML editor and NEdit as an ASCII-text editor.

By the by, if you're looking for a free yet fully-featured application suite and do not wish to shell out yet more money to the worlds favorite monopoly then I can heartily recommend OpenOffice.

Photo of my work area

I also use Silicon Graphics Indigo and Indy machines ; a test PC runs a couple of Microsoft OS's which I use to test interoperability of Windows with SAMBA and for playing Microsoft Flight Simulator

The blue box in the photo is the Indy.

Some older pages of mine are still up at Birkbeck College Department of Crystallography. They were considered avant-garde back in 1994 :-) because of their frame-based design.

Current Projects

Currently I'm experimenting with the Soekris and with a few USB interface projects. Updates as and when ... !

I've completed a neat mod on my keyboard, replacing a couple of the (boring) green LEDs with something different.
The next stage will be to install some kind of under-key illumination using some form of EL cable (Electro-Luminescent Cable).

I finishing building an Electronic Enigma (aka Enigma-E) which came courtesy of some friends XMas 2003!

Finally I've just (09 May 2005) finished documenting modding my Xbox!

Things I look at or use frequently. In alphabetical order:

Apple *BSD

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Wireless Magazines
Modding Etc. XBox
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